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Tuckersmith Communications - Internet Services

Tuckersmith Communications gives you faster internet that is the ultimate in convenience and dependable excellence. Our high speed DSL internet uses the existing copper phone line from your house which lets you use the telephone, fax line and surf the net over one line. Our internet service is 100 times faster than a 56K modem which means that you’ll be able to download music, movies or simply browse the internet at your leisure, all at competitive rates. We also have wireless and mobile internet services available to our customers and every one of our plans includes our popular unlimited internet packages. We offer several different web hosting plans and services so that you can easily register a .ca domain for all of your unique needs.

High Speed

DSL is the HighSpeed form of digital data transmission that uses the existing copper phone line to your house. It allows for simultaneous voice or fax use and "web" surfing over one telephone line, at speeds up to 100 times faster than a 56K modem.

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Wireless internet is a mobile solution to your online needs. Connect to the internet at home, the office, or via handheld device for reliable service on the go.

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Web Hosting

Tuckersmith Communications provides customers with varying degrees of hosting options, and services.

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