Step One: Choose A Phone

PLUS Phones  - $65/month


Samsung Galaxy

$02 year term
$729.95No term


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

$149.952 year term
$829.95No term


Samsung Galaxy S7     

$399.95 2 year term
$899.95No term

Samsung Galaxy
S7 Edge

$399.952 year term
$999.95No term



iPhone 6S +

$528.952 year term
$1054.95No term

iPhone 6S

$398.952 year term
$914.95No term

iPhone 6+

$398.95 2 year term
$969.95No term

iPhone 6

$268.952 year term
$839.95No term


iPhone 5S

$02 year term
$719.95No term

Blackberry Classic

$49.952 year term
$699.95No term


BASIC & Bring Your Own Phone - $55/month 


Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

$49.952 year term
$249.95No term

Rugby 4

$99.952 year term
$249.95No term

LG C440

$0.002 year term
$99.95No term




  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • Unlimited Nationwide Text, Picture & Video Messaging
  • Call Display, Message Centre Lite, Call Waiting & Call Conferencing
  • One-time connection [$15] and SIM Card charge [$9.95] may apply

Step 2: Select Data Amount

All the below data shareable between other phones on your account. Ask our representatives for advise on how much data you need to cover your day to day activities. Remember: when bringing your own Phone or choosing a Basic Phone you are not required to choose data. All Plus Phones do require customer to select a data amount.

 Monthly Shared
Data Amount

Monthly Cost

500 MB


1 GB


2.5 GB


5 GB


7 GB


10 GB


15 GB




Step 3: Add more members!

Have more friends or family members to add to your account? No problem! You can add up to 9 members on one account. Repeat above steps to add more users. Remember, all data is shareable so not every user needs to add a data amount, all data is placed into a ‘common pool’ that is shared among all members.